Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Made to Crave - Chapter 2

1. When it comes to your relationship with food, what repeated behaviors or events describe the cycle you experience and feel powerless to stop?    I think my biggest cycle problem is that I eat what's convenient  I don't eat at regular times and so by the time I do eat I just grab anything and I just eat to fill myself up, but I end of eating out of boredom

2.  -What reason motivate you to eat healthier?  I want to feel better and be more active as a mother
     - Do those reason give your struggle with food a purpose strong enough to help your resist unhealthy eating?  They should, but I'm not the strong, 
      - How do you respond to Lysa' statement; "I had to see the purpose of my struggle as something more than wanting smaller sizes and getting compliments from others...It had to be about something other than just me."    WOW!!!  This so true.  I always feel better when I can get out of myself and do stuff  for others.  I may be a people pleaser, but it's almost like an adrenaline rush to help others.  This may not politically correct, how ever I believe that my job as a wife and mother is to take care of my family.  

 3.  What are some of these reason I turn for food?
        I eat when I'm happy,
        I eat when I'm sad, 
        I eat when I'm lonely, 
       I eat when I'm bored.
       I eat for various reason.
     How would things be different if I craved God Other than food in these situations?  It would have improved it greatly.  I really need to search for God first.  

4.  How do you respond as using your cravings as a prompt to pray?  Love this idea!!!
     How had prayer helped you or failed to help in my previous battles with food?  Honestly, I've never thought about them in this sort of way.  It easy to put God on a shelf and only take Him off when we want Him to benefit us.  
     In your battle with food are you more like to choose a quick fix diet or a long term change the way you eat solution? At this point in time.  I really revamp how our family eats and even thinks about food
     What thoughts or feelings emerge when you think of changing the way you think about food?  I am scared to reach out and try to eat better.  Do I try something that I've tried and failed a million times before?  In previous attempts to lose weight, one of my  biggest struggles has been that I get bored, as my husband says you can only eat chicken and green beans, so many meals in a row.  I also struggle, as many do of moms in today's economy, with the price of healthy food.  It also takes time and energy to fix healthy meals, which I do have, but I must admit, I don't always use my time and energy efficiently.

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