Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4TH of July

I was just sitting her thinking about how blessed I am.  I live and was born in the greatest country.  We here alot about how the opportunities and just the freedom to succeed is so much great in the USA than any where in the world.  Looking at this country from a person with a disability can be quite interesting.  As I've mentioned before, when I was born my parents were "encouraged" to turn their back on me.  I think in many other countries this is an automatic given.  For starters, the medical knowledge and treatments alone prevents many people with disabilities from surviving; let alone striving.  I took a class in college that talked about disabilities around the world and in different cultures.  I  wish I could remember that class better,  In many parts of the world it's considered  taboo to be disabled,  No, America isn't perfect and many disabled people are  living in scary times in relationship to health care.  I'm not trying to get into a political debate here and I honestly I don't have enough information to even to start to venture down that path.  But I do think America is a great county and I think that OVERALL there's opportunities here for disabled persons that I doubt you can get many other places in the world.

That being said I'll shut up now and say Happy 4th of July!   Thank God for America and the men & women who work to hard to defend and protect this country!!!!!!!!!

Square USA Flag

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