Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Could you Talk to Your Husband That Way?

OK, so one of my "guilty pleasures" is watching the TV show "Bridezillas" on WE TV.  (I know I should but...)  Anyway, it's a very humorous, but sad  thing to see  how women treat the men that they are about to dedicate the rest of their life.  I'm by no means saying that I'm the perfect wife; I've said and done  things in the heat of the moment that I'm sure have  scared Barrett to the the core.  I just can't imagine talking to some one in such a negative, aggressive way.  I totally believe that when I speak negatively to my husband it breaks his  spirit.  I can think of many (older) couples who've been married for a while that take on the traits of the other spouse - the husband starts acting like the wife and the wife starts acting like the husband.  While it is very natural to become like the people who you are around  alot  - especially  those who you live.  However, I think  more often than that after years of being treated badly; that men become meek and let the woman  take control and thus the women decide that it is their duty to step up and take charge.  I remember sitting in a Sunday School with Barrett when we first got married; we were studying Adam and Eve and I suddenly understood Genesis 3:16 as I never have before.  It says; "...Your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over you."  I think most of us think of this as we should have physically desire for our husbands.  In a way this is true - we are to physically desire our husbands, but I believe it goes so much deeper.  Because of sin I have a natural desire to be in control, even to control Barrett.  Yes he knows all about his job  but I (THINK) I know what best for our family.   

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