Friday, January 16, 2015

A New Year Has Dawned...

...Yes I do realize its already January 16, but it's not to late to start with new beginnings. I think the thing I want to do most -alwaays- is to renew my relationship with God; to read my bible and to pray more.  All you gotta do is turn on the news or even log into Face Book to see how desperate this ole world.  I want to be as close to the Creator as I can get so that He can shield me from the evil one.  I want him to guide my every step; least I fall in to temptation.
      I want to eat better and walk / exercise more.  I want to have more energy and not so much.  I'm being treated for sleep  apnea.  I have a CPAP machine and we are suppose to be getting our Sleep Number bed next week; Thursday!!!  Bobbye Sue Girl Scout troop is also starting to work on their badge: Eating For Beauty.  Hoping this will be inspiring.
     I want to keep my house clean and stay on top of things such as laundry & meal planing, etc. 
     I want to write, journal and blog more.  I know this is my most passionate and creative out let and I need to use it more.
     I want to read more.  Been watching way too much TV lately.  I have so many books I've order and haven't read (mostly from my favorite online book store CBD!)  Plus I have a tablet with a Kindle app.  So, I'm definitely not "book poor".
     I want to be kinder to others and to encourage them more.  I believe that one of my spiritual gifts is to be  encouraging to others and I need to be more faithful in doing this.
    And the last one, I'm almost afraid to write down.  For the last couple years the thought of being an inspirational speaker has crossed my mind.  I've prayed about it some and need to pray about it much more.  This calling HAS to come from the LORD.  I really think it be a cool thing, but only if all the glory goes to God

So, that's it.  I have a lot of work and a lot more praying to do!  Please pray with  and for me that I will become the person god has called me to be!

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