Monday, February 6, 2012

Book Review - The Table Experince

I can so remember the table in our family,   My parents actually bought the family table at a auction when they first got married.  It was a massive piece of furniture.  I think it was oak.  It had  two or  three leaves to add more room.  The legs had swrils around them.  There was a matching desk to go along with it.  Months ago, I first heard about Devi Titus's book The Table Experience on Homekeepers with Arthlene Rippy and was so intrigued I had to read it and I'm so glad I did!
      I guess the thing that struck most at the start of the book was to learn the history of the table.  The first piece of furniture that God ordered Moses to build for the tabernacle was the  ark of the covenant, the 2nd piece was the table - giving more than exact details on how to build it.    Isn't it amazing how God reveals what matters to Him most through His word.  I truly believe that the family is the core of God's plan for society.   Sometimes in America we turn to old TV shows to see where our values come from.    The table which in my opinion, along with the kitchen is the center and heart of the home seams to have been replaced by the TV and many other media sources.  I must admit that during our first couple of years of marriage,  we ate every meal in front of the tube.   At first I thought this was OK, even cool;  I guess that's because we had rarely ate in front of the TV.  We even bought an adjustable seat that hook in a chair as Dalton's  high chair.    It wasn't until after Bobbye Sue was born  that I really felt an urge   to start eating family dinners at the table.  I don't exactly know why it hit at this time; I think I just finally felt like we were a family and so we needed to eat like one.
      This book really open my eyes to the communion at the family table.  Mrs. Titus even goes as far to say that God can do some miraculous around the table

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