Tuesday, February 7, 2012

30 Days of Loving and Praying for My Barrett - Day 1: Praying for His Wife

I have very mixed emotions when it comes to praying for Barrett's wife; they go from a humble feeling of "Yes, Thank you God.  I need all the prayer I can get!" to "This isn't about me God.  I know I'm doing what I'm suppose to be doing,,,he's the one that needs prayer."  Truth is though it does start with me!  If I'm not giving my all to God and doing my job as wife and mama, then it only makes  Barrett job to be a good husband and father all the harder.  As I've mentioned before we do not have the typical marriage and family life.  Because of my CP, he has to pick up a lot of my slack and do alot of the things a "normal" wife and mama usually does for her family.  One of the things that really stood out in the first chapter  of The Power of a Praying Wife, was that we need to release some (many) of the expectations that we have of our husband.  We can not expect from our husbands what only God can give us.  This also goes back to what Tozer says in The Presuit of God that there is a place in our soul that is reservedfor God alone.  I struggle with this because I am so depended on Barrett in many ways - he says he sometimes feels like he has 3 kids instead of 2.  LOL.   I know it can be very stressful at time for him.  I honestly pray that God always give me the ability to serve Barrett and to let him be the head of our home

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