Friday, July 29, 2011


PERIOD.   This can go down as another proof that my kids will claim to their therapist that I'm a  "bad mama" for  years to come.  So,  Dalton had a TV in his room until he was about 4.  It's now that I'm against TV; I'm not.   And I might as well say this and get it out of the way.  I did have a TV in my room the whole time I was growing up.  Nanny and Papa got it for me when I was 3 and had my heal - cord surgery and had to be in a body cast for 6 weeks.  (BTW - if my kids were sick or something I'd readjust my opinion.)  However this is not the case.  We have 2 TVs, a family computer and an IPAD.  My kids are not technology deprived.  I do want to know what  they're viewing...
       Anyway.   when we redid Dalton's room a few weeks ago, he and Grandaddy started saying that they were going to get a TV for his room.  I think - hope - they're just trying to aggravate me.  Well  the kids went to Grandma's this week.  They called from Good Will yesterday (on Mom's phone - Dalton doesn't have his own cell phone either) and said he found a portable TV for $5.00 - he actually had my step-dad call first.   So, #1, he tried to get something he knew  he couldn't have & #2 he tried to appeal to his grandparents  thanking if it was a "GIFT" we'd allow him to keep it.
        Do I look like I just fell off the turnip truck???    My kids don't realize how much LIKE me they truly are!!!  I've done these tricks & if I haven't; chances are Stacia are one of the boys have.  It took me  30 + years to figure out why I had so many brothers; to prepare me to raise 1 son


  1. Yep - they do try to get away with it, don't they? I won't let my kids have a tv in their bedroom, either, and I haven't told them I had one when I was younger. Shh!

  2. Gotta love the things kids come up with.


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