Thursday, October 16, 2014

Another news story has caught my eye.  This one is about a mother who says she regrets not aborting herr baby when she was told that he would probably be disabled.  She and her husband had already told the doctor that "...we didn't want a child who wasn't going to be able to ride a bike and do things that normal children do."  Life News  

     As a mother,  I can not get my head around this..Yes, I want a child but only if he or she is perfect.  And as a woman with a disability I am totally appalled.  

     I know parenting a disabled child is difficult; it can expensive; it can be hard on marriages ( I was told a divorce was my fault).  It can be difficult for siblings; (on of my brothers' depression was blamed on  the fact that he had a disabled sister).  Plus all the uncertainty of the disability:  How much care a disabled child will need.

Disabilities are not easy, but is anything in life easy?  Would this mother want to go back and abort this child if they don't make straight A's in  school or if they grow up and choose a different path than she wants them too.

One of the worst things you can say to a disable child, or anyone for that matter, is that they aren't wanted.  We already live in a society we being different can be taboo.  A mother is the one person that every  child should be able to go to and be loved; no matter what they do or who they become.  Even if this mother never lets her child know she thinks this.  It will be felt; every deep sigh, every angry voice, every time she's moves or touches him, he'll  be able to tell how she really feels about him.

Please, please treat your loved ones with care.  Just because they're not who you want them to be doesn't mean they're not who God wants them to be.

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