Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Long After The Thrill Of Living Is Gone

As a child of thee 80's, one of my all time was John Mellencamp's "Jack and Diane".    We were getting haircuts the other day and that song came on in the salon.  For some reason the line "O yeah, life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone.", really hit me and I began to think about it in a way I never have before.

     When the song first starts out, it about 2 teenagers who are madly in love with each and their life is peachy king.  By the time, the quoted line above takes place;  they are most likely are in their mid-to-late thirties.  They probably have a  couple of kids and their  life is probably CRAZY!   Between raising kids, working, marriage and everything else that goes along with this phase of life, it does sometime seems like the thrill of living is gone.  You don't always get to do you please.  You have to choose the well fare of others over what you want.  Not that it's a regrettable chore, but it can become a long haul road.   When you are in the midst of  the business of life it can seem that you will never again enjoy life as you did in your youth.  And you right, you won't.  Not because you'll never enjoy your life again; you probably will.  But as you age, your values and your interest change.  You will probably find that what thrilled you as a youth has faded and that new desires have taken their place.  I think many people will find that once that get through this hectic part of their will once again enjoy live, to some extent, to the way they had before.  

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