Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years

As I start this, it is 11:39, on Dec 31, 2010.  We're sitting in the sun room, watching cheesy late night,  wait on the new year to roll around.  It's funny, Barrett and I stay up past midnight every night, but I honestly could've gone to bed at 9:00.  LOL!  We have had a very low key day and I LOVED IT!!!  Had pizzas, watched movie, played WII ~Donky Kong and have just chilled.  I've been playing with my new BFF ~ my "Anti-Kid" laptop.  I discovered 2 great web sites.  and another one which I'll to post later, but it was a site that lets you read the bible in a year.  I'm excited about the site. And the Cozi site is a free online calendar and organizer  It coordinated my calendar with the kids' school calendar.  It allows to use color to coordinate everyone.    I really want to get organize this year, I know I'm constantly saying this.  My Mama always said that what you do on Jan 1, you do all year.  So, my plan is to spend the day cleaning, doing laundry, loving my family and writing

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